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at 7:20 am…

Robostangs wake up early on a school morning, ready to mentor students in India about presenting, programming, and other life skills. Students wait enthusiastically for their mentors to call- sometimes even staying hours after school. Despite the time difference and weary connection, the bond is still strong and persistent. Over the past two years, Robostangs have been fostering connection with students in two cities in India who are part of three different FIRST pipeline teams to grow STEM.

In this project, the student mentors helped teams in two cities: Vadodara and Hyderabad. The teams were just introduced to FLL last year. As a result of the great year before, the teams decided to continue participating in the FLL competition this year. In the Vadodara team, they even got their own robotics room for their new Robotics club and a teacher that helped them throughout the season. In the Hyderabad team, they enjoyed last year’s experience so much that they decided to create a new Jr. FLL team for the students age 6 through 10 in the school.

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