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FLL Jr. expo

Since 2012, the Robostangs have hosted an annual FLL Jr. Expo, an event that allows kindergarten to third graders to display their models and show-me posters that they worked on for the past three months. On December 15th, 2018, the Robostangs hosted an Expo at Northville High School. Over 23 teams attended this exposition, coming from cities over 100 miles away. We had over 400 people join us, and we had over 70 Robostang volunteers. Of the 23 teams, we had two all-girls teams and most teams had at least one girl.



Throughout the years the Robostangs are grateful to have many companies sponsor our team. Our biggest sponsors are GM, Ford, Magna, AVL, and Bosch. GM and Ford have been with us the longest.  They graciously provide us with materials, internships, invitations to their events, and monetary support.