social media workshop

Every year, we partner with Magna to host a resume and social media workshop for our team.  Several mentors come to our meeting to talk about ways to improve resumes, your social media fingerprint, and the process of getting a job.  After the workshop, team members could meet individually with the mentors to edit and improve and write our resumes.

magna bring your child to work day

Twenty robostangs attended the workshop at Magna to inspire the young engineers to join the FIRST pipeline programs of FLL Jr., FLL, FTC and FRC. The Robostangs were invited to participate in Magna’s “Bring Your Child to Work Day 2018”. Employees brought their children to the Magna facilities, located in Troy, to learn more about FIRST and explore STEM. They also got an opportunity to see what their parents do every day at work. Our team talked to girls and boys aged 8 to 12 years old about why FIRST and STEM are so important in everyday life. We conducted Sumobot competitions and showcased our Swerve chassis. A swerve drive is one in which the wheels are not only powered forwards and backwards but can also be independently steered, meaning the robot can go in any direction, even diagonals! The Robostangs taught the kids basic STEM knowledge.