Harman trip


It all started when…

The Robostangs were presented with a unique opportunity to take an extensive tour the Harman Facilities. On Wednesday December 6, members of the Robostangs got a chance to see how the Harman Facilities runs and what processes engineering facilities use to assemble their products efficiently. The Robstangs got to see three different locations of the Harman facilities. They went to the Harman Prototype Factory and got to see the electronics assembly process for automotive radio/display. Next they headed for the Harman’s North American headquarters for Automotive, a new state-of-the-art engineering facility where over 1,000 employees work. The Robostangs got to talk to and ask questions to electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, transducer engineers, validation engineers and benchmarking engineers. They also got witness a demonstration of some of Harman’s technology including noise cancellation and premium audio reference systems. Lastly, the Robostangs visited the Harman Validation Lab, where they witnessed many different tests to ensure the products meet the standards of safety.