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Ever since March 2018, we have hosted Girl Scout Workshops for troops interested in robotics. In November 2018, we had a total of 25 girl scouts ranging from second to third grade. This year, there was a theme, Mission Moon, that we incorporated into the activities we did. Mission Moon was all about how someone could survive on the moon. They worked for three hours straight to earn three badges from Girl Scouts. The badges were for making a prototype, coding a robot, and showcasing their robot.

At the beginning of the day, we gave them a short presentation on who we were, what we do, and why we do it. We taught them about women in NASA and how they help send people to the moon. We also gave them four key words (prototype, algorithm, program, and debugging) for them to learn about and use later in the day.

For the rest of the day, we did various crafts and activities that helped them all earn the three badges. In the first activity, we asked girl scouts to design their own robot that could do anything they wanted it to do. For example, some girls drew a dog-walking robot and a unicorn rocketship. The second activity that we did was building a LEGO rocket ship. While doing this, it required the girls scouts to use teamwork and confidence to share ideas and assemble the rocket. The third activity we did was called “galaxy in a jar”. This craft allowed the girls to be creative and to think outside the box on what they think a galaxy looks like and what decorations they wanted to put on it. The last thing they did was create a poster and present it. This poster was just things about Mission Moon and things they learned that day. To make it their own, they put rockets, stars, and many more space-themed decorations. When it got time to present their posters, they might have been a bit nervous, but with encouragement from their fellow group members and team leads, they were able to show off their posters. They also got to share what they made and why they made it. We also asked them a few questions about if they might want to do this again next year, if they might be interested in working for NASA when they are older, or if they remembered the key words we shared with them from the presentation we showed them. We did this Girl Scout event to inspire these future engineers to go into FIRST.