AVL Car show

A favorite event For the car geeks on our team…


The Robostangs travelled to AVL Test Systems in Plymouth, Michigan, for the annual car show. In order to engage the crowd, the Robostangs decided to bring along their past competition robot and Swerve, their offseason practice robot. After setting up their booth, the Robostangs got an opportunity to look around at new and vintage cars and compare their engineering processes to each other.

Once the car show officially began, interested students and adults made their way to the Robostangs booth. They got a chance to watch videos from our past competition season to see the transformation of the competition robot and the robot in action. Students also got to drive Swerve, our practice robot, known for its speed and capability of moving in every direction. Amazed by its speed, the students compared Swerve to the wide selection of fast cars showcased at the show. Students also watched in awe as the Robostangs stacked game cubes using the competition robot into piles even taller than themselves. A special thank you to AVL for inviting us to attend this amazing event!